Today 2.30 PM -DOP & Center for Particle Physics Organizing a colloquium

Department of Physics and  Center for Particle Physics, CUSAT

   Organizing a colloquium


 Dr. K G Arun,

  Chennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai,

  A member of the LIGO Scientific collaboration and

  INDIGO consortium,


  An alumnus of the Department of Physics, CUSAT


 At the Dawn of Gravitational Wave Astronomy’’


Abstract: Advanced LIGO and advanced Virgo gravitational wave detectors have detected a few binary black hole mergers and a binary neutron star merger since they started operating. These detections have inaugurated the branch of Gravitational Wave Astronomy. In this talk, the speaker will summarize how these detections have helped us understand our universe better. Also discuss the prospects for the future as third generation ground-based detectors are being planned and a space-based gravitational wave detector is being funded.



At Physics Auditorium, CUSAT.

29-01-2018 at 2.30 PM



All are invited.