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Technical talks by the CUSAT faculty members arranged on second wednesday of every month

Talk-49 Gender Empowerment through Emotions (on 24-02-2021) (Posted on 19-02-2021)
Talk-48 From Handshakes to Small World (on 13-01-2021) (Posted on 19-02-2021)
Talk-47 Neuroplasticity: The Art of learning, Un-learning and Re-learning (on 16-12-2020) (Posted on 13-12-2020)
Talk-46 Human Values and Professional Ethics (on 11-11-2020) (Posted on 09-11-2020)
Talk-45 Scientific Crime Investigation using Cyber Forensic Technology (on 21-10-2020) (Posted on 18-10-2020)
Talk-44 Brain, Face and Beauty - An Evolutionary Saga (on 24-09-2020) (Posted on 18-10-2020)
Talk-43 IAS to Princeton: a US educational experience in comparative perspective (on 26-08-2020) (Posted on 18-10-2020)
Talk-42 COVID-19 challenges to economy of Kerala (on 08-07-2020) (Posted on 07-07-2020)
Talk-41 Cellular nanofibre - a renewable reinforcing filler for rubber-based composites (on 19-02-2020) (Posted on 07-07-2020)
Talk-40 Non-linearity in Economics (on 15-01-2020) (Posted on 07-07-2020)
Talk-39 Blockchain and its Applications (on 11-12-2019) (Posted on 09-12-2019)
Talk-38 Start-up ecosystem with special focus on CUSAT Initiatives (on 13-11-2019) (Posted on 09-12-2019)
Talk-37 Living with Water - Exploring Indigenous Resilience in Construction (on 16-10-2019) (Posted on 09-12-2019)
Talk-36 Administration of Higher Education Institutes in India (on 18-09-2019) (Posted on 09-12-2019)
Talk-35 A state-of-the-art Stratosphere-Troposphere Radar for tropical weather and climate research (on 21-08-2019) (Posted on 20-08-2019)
Talk-34 "Union budget 2019-20 " (on 08-07-2019) (Posted on 04-07-2019)
Talk-33 Internet based legal research methods: Web data Extraction (on 08-04-2019) (Posted on 08-04-2019)
Talk-32 Kerala's Socio-Economic Transformation since Independence (on 12-03-2019) (Posted on 12-03-2019)
Talk-31 Origin, Structure, and evolution of Universe (on 19-02-2019) (Posted on 19-02-2019)
Talk-30 BIOMIMICRY-Innovation Inspired by Nature (on 16-01-2019) (Posted on 19-10-2020)
Talk-29 Transforming Job seekers to Job givers - Unravelling the Potential of Entrepreneurship Education (on 12-12-2018) (Posted on 08-12-2018)
Talk-28 Legal and Social issues in Surrogacy and its Regulatory Framework in India (on 14-11-2018) (Posted on 07-12-2018)
Talk-27 Human Microbiomes - A world in itself (on 10-10-2018) (Posted on 07-10-2018)
Talk-26 Excellence in Research (on 12-09-2018) (Posted on 13-09-2018)
Talk-25 Emerging Infectious Diseases - Role of Ecology and Technology (on 09-08-2018) (Posted on 05-08-2018)
Talk-24 Mayonic Science: A Scientific tradition of art and architecture of India (on 11-07-2018) (Posted on 05-08-2018)
Talk-23 Sepsis the hidden killer (on 28-03-2018) (Posted on 05-08-2018)
Talk-22 Man Machine, towards a Cognitive Coherence (on 12-02-2018) (Posted on 12-02-2018)
Talk-21 Artificial Photosynthesis - Approaches and Bottlenecks (on 17-01-2018) (Posted on 16-01-2018)
Talk-20 Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs): The next generation ocean exploration tools (on 11-12-2017) (Posted on 11-12-2017)
Talk-19 Introduction to Multivariate Statistical Analysis (on 06-11-2017) (Posted on 11-12-2017)
Talk-18 Academic works and Copyright (on 11-10-2017) (Posted on 05-08-2018)
Talk-17 Finance management for Educational Institutions (on 13-09-2017) (Posted on 11-09-2017)
Talk-16 Invisible Mathematics (on 23-08-2017) (Posted on 11-09-2017)
Talk-15 Protecting Inventions: Prerequisite for Patenting and Procedures (on 12-07-2017) (Posted on 11-09-2017)
Talk-14 Numerical methods for impact analysis (on 12-04-2017) (Posted on 11-09-2017)
Talk-13 Reading the history of the universe from the stars (on 08-03-2017) (Posted on 07-03-2017)
Talk-12 Length Scale Challenges (on 08-02-2017) (Posted on 07-02-2017)
Talk-11 IntraCellular Microlasers (on 11-01-2017) (Posted on 07-01-2017)
Talk-10 Biowaste recycling: A novel approach (on 14-12-2016) (Posted on 13-12-2016)
Talk-9 Embedded software for safety critical systems (on 09-11-2016) (Posted on 05-11-2016)
Talk-8 Internet of Things (on 05-10-2016) (Posted on 05-11-2016)
Talk-7 Recent trends in Biotech Patent (on 07-09-2016) (Posted on 03-09-2016)
Talk-6 Emission control of ships (on 10-08-2016) (Posted on 03-09-2016)
Talk-5 Soil characterisation using microwave (on 13-07-2016) (Posted on 03-09-2016)
Talk-4 Batteries on Fire-Electrospinning and Graphene stretching beyond the theoretical boundaries (on 13-04-2016) (Posted on 03-09-2016)
Talk-3 Technology Business Incubation (TBI) Initiatives at CUSAT (on 09-03-2016) (Posted on 03-09-2016)
Talk-2 In search of cure - From Biomimetic Grafts for Bone Tissue Regeneration to Magnetic field Assisted (on 10-02-2016) (Posted on 03-09-2016)
Talk-1 Stem cells and other pharmacological strategies for the treatment of various brain disorders (on 13-01-2016) (Posted on 03-09-2016)