No one was ranked for the Faculty post SI No.3-Assistant Professor-Economics (Nadar)
SI No.2-Assistant Professor- Economics (SC)
SI No.6-Associate Professor-Image Processing/Information Security (SC)
SI No.4-Professor-Cyber Security/Computer Networks (Open)
SI No.45- Assistant Professor- Applied Mechanics (Muslim)
SI No.44- Assistant Professor- Naval Architecture (Muslim)
SI No.43- Assistant Professor- Naval Architecture (Open)
SI No.42- Assistant Professor- Fluid Mechanics (Muslim)
Security Guard (on contract basis)
SI No.19-Assistant Professor-Instrumentation-Open
SI No.13-Professor-Physical Oceanography/Ocean Technology/Ocean Engineering (Open)
Assistant Professor against the vacancy of SI No.34-Associate Professor-Statistics (SC/ST)
SI No.9- Assistant Professor-Biotechnology/Biochemistry/Genetics/Microbiology (Viswakarma)
SI No.6- Assistant Professor-Animal Science/Zoology/Biotechnology (SC)
Assistant Professor (on contract)-computer applications
Sl No.6-Assistant Professor - Data Analytics (on Contract)
Sl No.5-Assistant Professor - Business Process (on Contract)
Sl No.4-Assistant Professor - HRM/HRD (on Contract)
Sl No.3-Assistant Professor - Mobile Phone Application Development (on Contract)
Ranklist-Technical Assistant (on contract Basis),DDUKK
Ranklist-Photocopier/Duplicator Operator(internal recruitment from Class IV staff)
Rank list - Assistant Professor-Polymer Technology (contract)
Rank list - Technician Gr.II (contract) in School of Industrial Fisheries
Ranklist-Course-in-Charge-on contract basis
Ranklist-Associate Professor-Marine Engineering-on contract basis
Erratum Notification on Rank list for Professional Assistant (contract)
Ranklist- Warden-cum-Physical Trainer
Rank list - Professional Assistant Gr.II (contract) in Libraries
Rank list - Technical Assistant Gr.III (contract) in Dept.of Chemical Oceanography
Rank list - Computer Operator (contract) in Dept. of Computer Science
Rank list-Assistant Engineer-Electrical-contract-Engineering Department
Rank List Sl:No:4- Assistant Professor (contract)-Electronics &Communication Engineering
Rank list - Accountant (on contract) in ACARR
Rank list - Sl.No.23- Assistant Professor- Commerce (OPEN)
Rank list - Sl.No.35- Assistant Professor- Commerce (OPEN)
Rank list - Sl.No.3-Assistant Professor-Mechanical Engg (contract) in KMSME
Rank list - Sl.No.2-Assistant Professor-Information Tech. (contract) in CUCEK
Rank list - Sl.No.1-Assistant Professor-Civil Engg (contract) in CUCEK
Short-listed candidates -Professional Assistant Gr.II (contract) After screening test held on 31.10.
No one was ranked for the faculty posts (Professor-S.No.31 & Assoc.Prof. with S.No.29, 31 & 32)
Shortlisted candidates for interview S.No.35-Assistant Professor-Commerce ( Screening Test held on 1
Rank list-Technical Assistant-contract-Applied Chemistry
Rank list-Technical Assistant Grade I-contract-Atmospheric Sciences
Rank list -sl.No.44-Associate Professor-Physics (Open)
Rank list - Sl.No.42-Associate Professor -Industrial Physics (open)
Rank list - Sl.No.33-Associate Professor-Finance Management (OPEN) (interview held on 25.10.19)
Rank list - S.No.2-Scientist C (KSCSTE)(Open) - ACARR (Interview held on 22.11.19)
Rank list - S.No.1-Scientist D (KSCSTE) (Open) - ACARR (Interview held on 22.11.19)
Rank list-Computer Programmer (on contract)
Rank list-Overseer -Electrical (on contract)
Rank list - Assistant Professor-Applied Mechanics (contract) in Ship Tech.
Rank list - Assistant Professor-Naval Architecture (contract) in Ship Tech.
Rank list - Overseer -Civil (contract) in Engineering Department (Interview held on 12.11.19)
Short-listed candidates for interview --S.No.2.Assistant Professsor-Information Technology (contract
Shortlisted candidates for interview after Screening Test on 29.08.19- for Assistant Professor- Mech
Shortlisted candidates for interview after Screening Test on 19.09.19- for Assistant Professor- Civi
Rank list- Associate Professor- Marine Engineering (contract) -Interview held on 05.10.19
Rank list- Assistant Professor-Electrical Engg.(contract) in Divn. of Safety & Fire Engg.
Rank list - Sl.No.8 - Assistant Professor (OPEN) in CSIS (interview held on 02.09.18)
Rank list - Sl.No.7 - Assistant Professor - (ETB) in CSIS (interview held on 03.09.2019)
Rank list -Sl.No.15 Associate Professor -Environmental Studies (OPEN)
Rank list - Technical Officer /Executive Engineer (on contract) (interview held on 04.09.19)
Erratum Notification-Rank list for Assistant Professor-Computer Applications (contract)
Ranklist of Hostel Manager-on contract
Ranklist of Director-KMSME-on contract
Rank list - SI No 11- Technical Assistant Grade I- Division of Computer Science- Information Technol
Rank list - SI No 10- Technical Assistant Grade II- Division of Computer Science-Information Technol
Rank list - SI No 9- Technician Grade I- Division of Electronics & Communication
Rank list - SI No 8- Technical Assistant Grade I- Division of Electronics & Communication
Rank list - SI No-6- Technician grade I- Electrical-Division of Computer Science
Rank list - Sl.No.1 Technical Assistant Gr.II (contract) -Dept of Biotechnology
Rank list- Sl.No.2-Technician Grade II (contract) Dept. of Biotechnology
Rank list - Security Officer (Contract) - interview held on 18.07.2019
Rank list - Sl.No.13-Professor - Environmental Studies (OPEN)
Rank list - Sl.No.40-Associate Professor-Mathematics (LC/AI)
Rank list - Sl.No.26-Professor-Mathematics (SC)
Rank list- Assistant Professor- Computer Applications (on contract)
4-rank list-Technician Grade I -Mechanical Engineering
2-rank list-Technician Grade II -Mechanical Engineering
Rank list- S.No.14-Technical Assistant Gr.I-Electrical Engineering (contract)
Rank list- S.No.5-Technical Assistant Gr.I-Mechanical Engineering (contract)
Rank list- Sl.No.9 Assistant Professor-Computer Applications [Muslim] Self financing Sector - interv
Rank list - System Analyst (contract basis) in CIRM
Rank list - Technical Assistant -Electronics (contract) in ACARR, CUSAT
Rank list - Technician (on contract) in Dept. of Biotechnology
Rank list- Professor-Marine Engineering (contract) in KM School of Marine Engineering
Associate Professor - Hindi (Muslim)- Sl.No.18 of Notifn.dated 17.8.15- No candidate was ranked for
Associate Professor - Hindi (OPEN)- Sl.No.17 of Notifn.dated 17.8.15- No candidate was ranked for th
Rank list- Sl.No.19-Assistant Professor-Fisheries Economics (LC/AI)
Addendum/Erratum Notifications (3 nos.) on Rank lists of Sweeper cum Cleaner
Rank list - Assistant Matron (on contract) in University Hostels
Erratum notification dated 03.01.2018 - Sweeper-cum cleaner
Rank List- Sweeper cum Cleaner -Administrative Office
Rank list- Assistant Professor-Information Technology (contract) in SOE (interview on 22, 26 nov.18)