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Rank lists _Assistant Professor-Mechanical Engineering (contract) in SOE/CUCEK
Erratum Notification on Rank list No. Rect/201707/Con.Faculty.Engg. (1) dated 27.02.2018.
Rank lists for Assistant Professor in Civil Engineering (contract)
Rank list- Driver Grade II on contract - in Main campus
Rank list- Driver Grade II on contract - in CUCEK campus
Rank list- S.No.18.Assistant Professor - Environmental Microbiology (OPEN) - notified on17.8.15
Rank list- S.No.17.Assistant Professor - Environmental Chemistry (SC) - notified on17.8.15
Shortlisted Candidates-Assistant Professor-Electronics-Sl:No:11
Shortlisted Candidates-Assistant Professor-Electronics-Sl:No:10(Electronics and Communication)
Shortlisted Candidates-Assistant Professor-VLSI Tech-Sl:No:11( Notif dated 17/8/15)
Shortlisted candidates for interview for Assistant Professor -Environmental Microbiology (test cond
Rank Lists-Assistant Professor – School of Management Studies
Rank List -Sl:No 9 and Sl:No:7-Assistant Professor and Associate Professor- SLS
Rank List -Assistant Professors[SL:No:26 & 27]- NCAAH
Rank list- Technical Assistant Gr.I-Civil Engineering (contract) in School of Engineering, CUSAT
Rank list- Assistant Professor on contract - in the Dept. of Mathematics
Rank lists of two posts of Assistant Professor (on contract) in Dept.of ship Technology
Rank list - Technical Assistant (on contract) in Dept.of Marine Geology & Geophysics
Rank List - Line Helper (on contract) in Engineering Department
Rank List - Warden cum Physical Trainer (on contract) in KM School of Marine Engg.
Rank list..Assistant Professor(muslim) Statistics..sl.no.33 of notification. DTD.17.8.15
Rank List - Principal (On deputation-internal candidates) in CUCEK
Rank list-Sl.No.21-Assistant Professor-Economics(ETB) -Notified on 17.8.15
Rank list-Sl.No.3-Assistant Professor-Chemistry-(LC/AI) - notified on 17.8.15
Rank list-Sl.No.2-Assistant Professor-Chemistry-Any branch(OPEN) - notified on 17.8.15
Rank list-Sl.No.1-Assistant Professor-Chemistry-Any branch(Viswakarma) - notified on 17.8.15
Rank list-Sl.No.1 - Assistant Professor-Applied chemistry_OPEN(notified on 24.04.2013)
Shortlisted candidates after written test on 30.10.16- 2 posts of Assist.Professor- Chemistry
Rank List - Assistant Professor on contract in Dept. of Polymer Science & Rubber TEchnology
Rank List - Assistant Professor on contract in School of Management STudies
Rank List - Assistant Professor in Photonics (on contract) in Int.School of Photonics
Rank List - Technical Assistant Gr.I on contract in KM School of Marine Engineering.
Rank List -Technician Gr.II (contract) in Dept. of Polymer Science & Rubber Technology
Rank list - sl.No.2-Asst Professor (Instrumentation)- on contract-Dept.of Instrumentation
Rank list- TEchnician Gr.II-on contract in KM School of Marine Engineering
Rank list - sl.No.1-Asst Professor (Electronics)- on contract-Dept.of Instrumentation
Rank List SL:NO:29-Assistant Professor-Physics-[OPEN]-Department of Physics
Rank List SL:NO:25-Assistant Professor-Physics-{[ETB]-Department of Physics
Rank List Sl: No:26 -Assistant Professor-Physics (OPEN)-Department of Physics
Rank List SL:NO:28-Assistant Professor-Theoretical [ETB]-Department of Physics
Rank List SL:NO:30-Assistant Professor-Physics [MUSLIM]--Department of Physics
Rank List SL:NO:31-Assistant Professor-Theoretical[OPEN]--Department of Physics
Rank List Sl:No:32-Assistant Professor (Physics) [ETB] -Department of Physics
Rank Lists for four posts of Technician Gr.II (on contract) in ship Technology dept.
Short listed candidates for Asst Professor in School of Management Studies-(after Test on 30.10.16
Rank List - System Analyst-on contract
Rank list - Sl.No.19-Assistant Professor (Marine Biology with Invertebrata) [Open]
RANK LIST-Sl.No.6-Associate Professor - Software Engineering/ Artificial intelligence [ETB ] in Comp
RANK LIST- SL.NO.5-Associate Professor - Distributed Computing [Open ] IN Comp.Application Dept.
RANK LIST- SL.NO.24.-Professor - Operations/ Systems [Open ] IN SMS
RANK LIST- SL.NO.25.-Professor - Human Resource Management [Muslim ] IN SMS
RANK LIST- SL.NO.22.-Professor - Finance Management [Open ] IN SMS
Rank list - Sl.No.18-Assistant Professor (Aquaculture/Aquarium Curator) [Open]
Rank list - Sl.No.17-Assistant Professor (Algology) [Open]
Rank list- Assistant on contract Basis in CUSAT-(test conducted on 17.1.2016)
Rank list - Associate Professor-Marine Engineering (on contract) in KM School of Marine Engineering
Rank list- Executive Engineer -Electrical (contract) in the Engineering Department
Rank list-Asst Engineer-electrical (contract) in Engineering Department
Rank list Asst Professor in Dept. of Chemical Oceanography- Interview held on 04.10.16
Rank list-Asst Professor-Dept. of Physical Oceanogrpahy- Interview held on 5.10.2016
Rank List -Technician Gr.II (contract) in School of Ind.fisheries, CUSAT
Rank list-Asst.Professor-Thermal Engg.(contract) in KM.School of Marine Engg.
Rank list-Programmer (contract) in E-Governance Project
Rank list- Lecturer-MCA (contract) in CUCEK
Rank list-Asst.Matron (contract) in CUSAT Hostels
Rank list - Asst.Professor-Civil Engineering (Contract) in CUCEK
Rank list-Asst.Professor-Civil Engineering (contract) in School of Engineering
Rank list-Overseer Gr.III-Civil (contract) in Engineering Department