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Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) was initially constituted as the University of Cochin through an Act of Kerala Government on 10th July 1971. The University of Cochin was re‐constituted as Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) in February 1986, redefining its objectives as "promoting Graduate and Post‐Graduate studies and Advanced Research in Applied Sciences, Technology, Industry, Commerce, Management and Social Sciences." CUSAT is now a world-ranking university with the specific purpose of developing higher education, emphasizing post-graduate studies and research in applied science, technology, industry, humanities, and commerce. CUSAT has consecutively been figured in the Times Higher Education World Ranking since 2017. The Times ranks around 1500 best universities worldwide annually with around 60 universities from India out of 967. CUSAT has also found a place in the QS World University Ranking and the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) of the India Government.

Cast in the mold of a federal University, CUSAT is now a premier Science and Technology University in the country, re‐accredited with NAAC 'A+' Grade in 3rd cycle. During the intervening four and half decades, CUSAT has made quantum leaps in its academic pursuits and has spread its wings far and wide, encompassing the novel and emerging realms of the horizon of knowledge. The University has entered into several collaborative ventures with reputed Universities and Institutions worldwide. Scores of National and International academic discourses, seminars, workshops, etc., are held in the University every year, providing opportunities to the student community to update themselves in their respective fields of study. The Advanced Centre for Atmospheric Radar Research (ACARR), one among the many Centres of excellence of CUSAT, is included in the Prime Minister's "Make in India Program." UGC/AICTE approves all the Academic Programmes of CUSAT. With the active support of the Government of Kerala and various Central agencies and international collaborations, the University is poised to scale new heights in the years to come. The research activities are supported and funded by the Central Government agencies like UGC, DST, DBT, MHRD, etc., as well as by various international research partners through various MoUs.

True to Kerala's legacy of being the friendliest state with an avowed dedication to education, CUSAT is home for students from across the globe. The University takes pride in the fact that it has an envious record in campus recruitments. The pool of its highly successful and talented alumni, who adorn vital positions in several highly acclaimed R & D institutions and corporates in India and abroad, are the living testimony of the academic excellence of CUSAT.


Vice Chancellor

Prof. (Dr.) P.G.SANKARAN

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The University aims to become an Institution of Global Standard by continuously improving its quality of academic activities, taking up research and innovation in the frontier areas and by ensuring conducive state-of-the- art infrastructural facilities.


CUSAT will continuously strive to generate a human resource of global competence   by imparting most modern knowledge and training to its student community and to take up Research and Development activities in the frontier areas so as to contribute positively to the progress of the society and the Nation. The University shall have the following objectives as its mission:

1. to encourage and promote research and innovation in applied science, technology, industry, commerce, management and social  science for the advancement of knowledge and for the betterment of society;

2. to provide facilities and offer opportunities for graduate and post-graduate education in applied science, technology, industry, commerce, management and social science by instruction, training, research, development, innovation and extension and by such other means as the University may deem fit;

3. to devise and implement programmes of education in applied science, technology, industry, commerce, management and social science that are relevant to the changing needs of society, in terms of breadth of diversity and depth of specialization;

4. to serve as a centre for fostering co-operation and exchange of ideas between the academic and research community on the one hand and industry on the other;

5. to organize exchange programmes with other institutions of repute in India and abroad with a view to keeping abreast of the latest innovation and developments  in relevant areas of teaching and research.

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  • 1938

    School of Marine Sciences

    School of Marine Sciences starts from 1938 with the establishment of the Oceanographic Laboratory in the erstwhile Travancore University.

  • 1958

    Department of Marine Biology, Microbiology, Biochemistry

    Department of Marine Biology, Microbiology and Biochemistry, an integral part of School of Marine Sciences has started M.Sc. programme in Marine Biology as early as 1958. Over the years Department of Marine Biology has evolved into a pioneer department in the field of Marine Biology in the country and made seminal contributions in this field

  • 1962

    School of Legal Studies

    School of Legal Studies (SLS) was established in the year 1962 as a part of Kerala University offering post graduate courses and research in law under the leadership and guidance of the late Prof.(Dr.)A.T.Markose, an internationally acclaimed jurist and academician .

  • 1963

    The Department of Hindi

    The Department of Hindi, established in 1963 at Government Maharajas College Campus is one of the oldest University Hindi Departments of the State . It was part of the erstwhile Kerala University .

    Department of Physics

    Ernakulam Centre of the Department of Physics of the University of Kerala is established in the year 1963

  • 1964


    School of Management Studies (SMS) carries a distinction of being on the oldest business schools in the country. It is among the first five premier management institutions to be established in the country, with Professor Emeritus Padmabushan (Dr.) M.V. Pylee as the Director. The School was established in 1964 as part of the University of Kerala.

  • 1965

    Department of Marine Biology and Oceanography

    To cater the needs of oceanographers for this country, a postgraduate program in Oceanography commenced in 1965 at the erstwhile Department of Marine Biology and Oceanography under University of Kerala in School of Marine Sciences.

  • 1967

    Department of Hindi is shifted

    The Department of Hindi is shifted from Government Maharajas College Campus to Thrikkakara Campus.

  • 1971

    University of Cochin

    'Ernakulam Centre' of the University of Kerala was converted into 'University of Cochin' in July 1971 , it was the symbol of commitment from the Government of Kerala towards the new scientific policy resolution adopted by the Central Government on 4th March 1958.

    The Department of Polymer Science and Rubber Technology was instituted by the University in 1971 in collaboration with the Rubber Research Institute of India (RRII),

  • 1972

    Polymer Science and Rubber Technology

    The B.Tech (Polymer Science and Rubber Technology) was started in 1972 as a two-year post-B. Sc. course.

  • 1975

    Growth of University of Cochin

    The University added Department of Electronics and Department of Ship Technology in 1975, which turnes out to be a milestone in the growth of the University. The Cochin University Library was also established in the same year as a central agency for meeting the information requirements of the academic community of the University and for collection, organization and dissemination of information.

  • 1976

    More Extensions

    Department of Industrial Fisheries established for postgraduate teaching and research on all aspects of fisheries science and technology.
    Department of Applied Chemistry was established to play an important role in the further development of the industrial belt in the Greater Cochin area by providing scientific support and trained personnel to the industries and by acting as a catalyst for the starting of new industries.
    Department of Marine Geology and Geophysics-CUSAT was the first University in the Country to start a full-fledged post graduate program in Marine Geology , taking into account the global advancement in general and national needs in particular in the field of Marine Geosciences.
    The combinedDepartment of Mathematics and Statistics came into existence with the major objective of developing it to a Centre of Excellence in this region in mathematical sciences and applications and to provide facilities for training, study and research in these areas.
    Department of Foreign Languages established is mainly involved in the teaching of English and Foreign languages like French, German, Italian, Japanese and Russian.

  • 1978

    School of Engineering

    School of Engineering was established in 1978 for offering part-time M.Tech.Programmes in the major deciplines of engineering

    TheUniversity Science Instrumentation Centre ( USIC ) has its origin in 1978 as a service department with the support of the UGC.

  • 1979

    Department of Applied Economics

    The Department of Applied Economics was envisaged primarily as a research oriented Department with its focus on applied economic problems.

  • 1981

    Research in Engineering

    Research activities in Engineering were introduced in 1981 with Ph.D. Programmes in SEO

  • 1983

    School of Environmental Studies

    The Centre for higher learning dedicated to environmental protection and sustainable development was converted to The School of Environmental Studies in 1983 to serve the cause of well-being of the society by imparting knowledge and by providing trained manpower and appropriate environmental technology

  • 1984

    Department of Computer Science

    Department of Computer Science Started with M.tech program

  • 1986


    The University of Cochin was later reorganized as Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) in February 1986.

  • 1990

    Computer Centre

    The Computer Centre of the University was inaugurated in 1990 by the Prime Minister of India. It was an outcome of the joint efforts of the University and the Defence Research and Development Organisation of the Government of India. From 1995 onwards the centre is being looked after completely by the University .

  • 1991

    Department of Biotechnology

    The Department of Biotechnology was established under the Faculty of Sciences for postgraduate teaching and research in the emerging area of Biotechnology.


    The Centre for Science in Society (C-SiS) was started in view of popularization of Science and Technology among children.

  • 1995

    B.Tech Started

    B.Tech. Progrmmesin various Engineering Divisions are stared in SEO

    Department of Instrumentation

    University re organized USIC into a full-fledged teaching department with USIC contained in it.

    International School of Photonics

    ISP came in to existence by restructuring and delinking the laserDSC_5470 laboratories along with the faculty members of the laser group from the Department of Physics at Cochin University of Science and Technology.

  • 1999

    Cochin University College of Engineering Kuttanad

    The 1st college of CUSAT outside cochin,Cochin University College of Engineering Kuttanad (CUCEK), Pulincunnu was established as a University own department outside its main campus


    The Centre for the Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy (CSSEIP) has engaged itself in building up the intellectual infrastructure required for furthering research in the broad agenda of social exclusion.

  • 2000

    National Centre for Aquatic Animal Health

    National Centre for Aquatic Animal Health (NCAAH) was established in January 18th 2000 to cater to the requirement of aqua farmers in protecting health of the rearing stock through the introduction of the recent advancements in marine biotechnology. Motto of the Centre is Relentless effort for the protection of health of aquatic animals and their environment

  • 2003

    Centre for IPR Studies

    The Centre for IPR Studies established in the School of Legal Studies of the Cochin University of Science & Technology in 2003

  • 2009

    Inter University Centre for IPR Studies

    The Centre for IPR Studies was converted into an Inter University Centre in 2009 to encourage multidisciplinary teaching and research in the area of intellectual property rights.

  • 2010

    Women's Studies Centre

    The Centre started its formal functioning in the year 2010 with the financial assistance from the University Grants Commission with a view to build up Women's capacity for their empowerment

  • 2011

    Centre of Excellence in Advanced Materials

    Centre of Excellence in Advanced Materials (CAM) is a unique Centre established in Cochin University of Science and Technology in the year 2011, with a single goal of promoting and coordinating research in the broad area of material science.

  • 2012

    Department of English and Foreign Languages

    Department of Foreign Languages is converted into Department of English and Foreign Languages

    Centre for Budget Studies

    It is in this context that Cochin University of Science and Technology instituted a Centre for Budget Studies (CBS), hereafter referred to as Centre, in 2012. Its main task at hand is to make comprehensive analyses of the budget documents of the India Union, the constituent states and the local self-governments; teach budgetary theories, processes of budget making and policies; train personnel engaged in budget making in the state of Kerala and local bodies; and impart budget awareness to the wider public.

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