Faculty Publications

Title Name/Issue Year Auther
Decentralized blockchain based authentication for secure data sharing in Cloud-IoT DeBlock-Sec JOURNAL OF AMBIENT INTELLIGENCE AND HUMANIZED COMPUTING 2021
Narayanan, Uma
Short term spatio-temporal variabilities of microphytobenthic assemblages in the mangrove ecosystem WETLANDS ECOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT 2021
Jeslin, I. J.
High-pressure Raman investigation of high index facets bounded alpha-Fe2O3 pseudocubic crystals JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER Volume: 33 Issue: 8 2021
Bushiri, M. Junaid
Effects of zinc and mercury on ROS-mediated oxidative stress-induced physiological impairments and ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH 2021
Ajitha, Vayampully
Report on the association of valviferan isopod Synidotea variegata Collinge 1917 and regular sea ur SYMBIOSIS 2021
Yesudas, Aneena
Traffic aware routing in 3D NoC using interleaved asymmetric edge routers NANO COMMUNICATION NETWORKS Volume: 27 2021
Kunthara, Rose George
Cloning and characterization of estrogen hydroxylase (cyp1a1 and cyp1b1) genes in the stinging catf COMPARATIVE BIOCHEMISTRY AND PHYSIOLOGY A-MOLECULAR & INTEGRATIVE PHYSIOLOGY Volume: 253 2021
Chaube, R.
The effect of solvents on the growth and key properties of tin oxide thin films deposited via chemi MATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS Volume: 261 2021
Paloly, Abdul Rasheed
Multi- arm dendronized polymer as a unimolecular micelle: Synthesis, characterization and applicati REACTIVE & FUNCTIONAL POLYMERS Volume: 160 2021
Hiba, K.
Abnormal Crowd Behaviour Detection Using Parallel Deep Neural Networks OURNAL OF INFORMATION SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING Volume: 37 Issue: 2 2021
Anees, Muhammed, V
Bayesian estimation and consequence modelling of deliberately induced domino effects in process fac JOURNAL OF LOSS PREVENTION IN THE PROCESS INDUSTRIES Volume: 69 2021
George, Priscilla Grace
Convection over the eastern equatorial Indian Ocean and Iranian branch of Asian summer monsoon anti INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLIMATOLOGY 2021
Sreenath, A. V.
A high imperceptible data hiding technique using quorum function MULTIMEDIA TOOLS AND APPLICATIONS 2021
Sabeen Govind, P. V.
Thioglycolic acid capped cadmium sulphide quantum dots as a turn-on fluorescence sensor for the det JOURNAL OF PHOTOCHEMISTRY AND PHOTOBIOLOGY A-CHEMISTRY Volume: 409 2021
Swathy, S.
Solvent assisted evolution and growth mechanism of zero to three dimensional ZnO nanostructures for SCIENTIFIC REPORTS Volume: 11 Issue: 1 2021
Ramya, M.
FPTMS: Frequency-based approach to identify the peptide from the low-energy collision-induced disso JOURNAL OF PROTEOMICS Volume: 235 2021
Ramachandran, Sangeetha
Nitrification and denitrification in recirculating aquaculture systems: the processes and players REVIEWS IN AQUACULTURE 2021
Preena, Prasannan Geetha
Stable isotopic signatures of sediment carbon and nitrogen sources and its relation to benthic meio MARINE ECOLOGY-AN EVOLUTIONARY PERSPECTIVE 2021
Jima, Mantodi
Benthic biocoenosis: influence of edaphic factors in the tropical mangroves of Cochin, Southern Ind TROPICAL ECOLOGY 2021
Joseph, Philomina
Nonlinear optical investigations of laser generated gold, silver and gold-silver alloy nanoparticle JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS Volume: 858 2021
Fathima, R.
Prevalence and characteristics of microplastics present in the street dust collected from Chennai m CHEMOSPHERE Volume: 269 2021
Patchaiyappan, Arunkumar
Fractionation and accumulation of selected metals in a tropical estuary, south-west coast of India ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING AND ASSESSMENT Volume: 193 Issue: 4 2021
Jayasooryan, K. K.
Synthesis, crystal structure and ligand based catalytic activity of octahedral salen Schiff base Co JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR STRUCTURE Volume: 1229 2021
Mohan, Nithya
Sizing and techno-economic analysis of hydrokinetic turbine based standalone hybrid energy systems ENERGY Volume: 221 2021
John, Bony
Species substitutions revealed through genotyping: Implications of traceability limitations and unr FOOD CONTROL Volume: 123 2021
Sameera, S.
Fabrication of antireflective silver-capped tin oxide nano-obelisk arrays as high sensitive SERS s NANOTECHNOLOGY Volume: 32 Issue: 20 2021
Abdul Rasheed Paloly
M Junaid Bushiri
Investigations on nonlinear optical properties and thermal diffusivity of gold nanoparticle embedde OPTICS AND LASER TECHNOLOGY Volume: 138 2021
Simon, Jessy
Effect of pulsed laser irradiation on the thermal diffusivity of bimetallic Au/ Ag nanoparticles OPTICS AND LASER TECHNOLOGY Volume: 139 2021
Simon, Jessy
Role of bio-nanotemplates on the lasing behavior of LDS 821 dye OPTICS AND LASER TECHNOLOGY Volume: 139 2021
Udayan, Sony
Static video summarization using multi-CNN with sparse autoencoder and random forest classifier SIGNAL IMAGE AND VIDEO PROCESSING 2020
Madhu S Nair
Anti-lipopolysaccharide Factor from Crucifix Crab Charybdis feriatus, Cf-ALF2: Molecular Cloning an PROBIOTICS AND ANTIMICROBIAL PROTEINS 2020
Sruthy, K. S.
Atmospheric boundary layer height and surface parameters: Trends and relationships over the west co ATMOSPHERIC RESEARCH Volume: 245 2020
Sudeepkumar, B. L.
Performance enhancement of organic/Si solar cell using CNT embedded hole selective layer SOLAR ENERGY Volume: 211 2020
Markose, Kurias K.
Deep Kernel machines: a survey PATTERN ANALYSIS AND APPLICATIONS 2020
Nikhitha, Nair K.
Distribution pattern of trace metals in selected surface soils of Palakkad district, South India ENVIRONMENTAL FORENSICS 2020
Nisa, K. G.
Experimental Investigation on the Correlation between the Physicochemical Properties and Catalytic CHEMISTRYSELECT Volume: 5 Issue: 43 2020
Shaibuna, M.
Pseudonocardia cytotoxica sp. nov., a novel actinomycete isolated from an Arctic fjord with potenti ANTONIE VAN LEEUWENHOEK INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GENERAL AND MOLECULAR MICROBIOLOGY 2020
Dhaneesha, Mohandas
Spectral studies and crystal structures of molybdenum(VI) complexes containing pyridine or picoline TRANSITION METAL CHEMISTRY 2020
Kuriakose, Daly
GSDroid: Graph Signal Based Compact Feature Representation for Android Malware Detection EXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS Volume: 159 2020
Surendran, Roopak
Coplanar waveguide fed compact dual-band antenna with capacitive shorting between signal strip and AEU-INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATIONS Volume: 127 2020
Rajan, Vivek
Sentiment analysis of malayalam tweets using machine learning techniques ICT EXPRESS Volume: 6 Issue: 4 2020
Soumya S
Heterogeneous palladium (II)-complexed dendronized polymer: A rare palladium catalyst for the one-p APPLIED ORGANOMETALLIC CHEMISTRY 2020
George, Smitha
An ensemble approach for CircRNA-disease association prediction based on autoencoder and deep neura GENE Volume: 762 2020
Deepthi, K.
A Reusable Column Method Using Glycopolymer-Functionalized Resins for Capture-Detection of Proteins MACROMOLECULAR BIOSCIENCE 2020
Ajish, J K
Occurrence, distribution and removal of organic micro-pollutants in a low saline water body SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT Volume: 749 2020
Sasi, Subha
Light emitting, segmented block copolymers containing distyrylbenzene blocks connected through alph DYES AND PIGMENTS Volume: 184 2020
Ligi, M. L.
Room temperature Near-IR photoluminescence from ethylenediamine assisted solvo-hydrothermally grown MATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS Volume: 257 2020
Sajan, P.
Wavelet feature selection of audio and imagined/vocalized EEG signals for ANN based multimodal ASR BIOMEDICAL SIGNAL PROCESSING AND CONTROL Volume: 63 2020
Mini P P
Pre-monsoon convective events and thermodynamic features of southwest monsoon onset over Kerala, In ATMOSPHERIC RESEARCH Volume: 248 2020
Mathew T A
Modulation of nonlinear optical properties in CdS based core shell nanocolloids fostered by metal n OPTICS AND LASER TECHNOLOGY Volume: 134 2020
Kuriakose A C
High-pressure Raman investigation of high index facets bounded alpha-Fe2O3 pseudocubic crystals JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER Volume: 33 Issue: 8 2020
Bushiri, M J
New insights into the efficient charge transfer of ternary chalcogenides composites of TiO2 APPLIED CATALYSIS B-ENVIRONMENTAL 2021
Honey John

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