Faculty Publications

Title Name/Issue Year Auther
A novel, facile, and efficient two-step hydrothermal route for WS2 nanosheets and its optimistic ex JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE-MATERIALS IN ELECTRONICS Volume: 32 Issue: 10 Pages: 13051-13061 2021
Santhosh, M. V.
Geethu, R.
Devaky, K. S.
Nano fibers of lead free perovskite Cesium Titanium Bromide (CsTiBr3) thin films by in-house deposi PHYSICA SCRIPTA Volume 96 Issue 5 2021
Beegum, K. A. Benazeera
Sasi, Saranya
Mathew, Alex
Asha, A. S
Reshmi, R
Metagenomic phage biodiversity: New insight into the tropical estuarine ecosystem process and micro REGIONAL STUDIES IN MARINE SCIENCE Volume 46 2021
Aishwarya, P., V
Synthesis of ZnO-Ni flower like nanostructure for gas sensing application INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NANOTECHNOLOGY Volume 18 Issue 5-8 2021
Siril, V. S.
Madhusoodanan, K. N
A nanohybr system based on covalently functionalized graphene quantum dots with dithienopyrrole d JULY 2021 2021
Kala, R.
Deepa Sebastian
Sithara Soman
Coplanar Waveguide-fed Electrically Small via-less Antenna for Dual Band Applications JULY 2021 2021
Rajan, Vivek
Pulsed laser deposition of p-type alpha-AgGaO2 thin films Volume 516 Issue 7 2021
Vanaja, K. A.
Nickel substituted copper chromite spinels: Preparation, characterization and catalytic activity in Volume 9 Issue 13 2021
George, Kochurani
Ultra-wideband slot antenna for wireless USB dongle applications Volume 44 Issue 18 2021
Krishna, D. D
Modification of Polystyrene using Nanosilica for Improvement in Mechanical Properties Volume 25 Issue 2 Page 103-111 2021
Renjanadevi, B
Deepu, V
EPDM/CIIR blends: improved mechanical properties through precuring Volume 63 Issue 1 Page 135-146 2021
Jose, Sunil T.
Pathological changes in Fenneropenaeus indicus experimentally infected with white spot virus and vi Volume 102 Issue 3 Page 225-232 2021
Manjusha, M.
Photocatalytic degradation of phenol in water using TiO2 and ZnO Volume 31 Issue 3 Page 247-249 2021
Devipriya, Suja P
Preparation and characterization of Rhizopus amyloglucosidase immobilized on poly(o-toluidine) Volume 45 Issue 8 Page 1422-1426 2021
Ashly, P. C.
A New Fast Fractal Modeling Approach for the Detection of Microcalcifications in Mammograms Volume 23 Issue 5 Page 538-546 2021
Sankar, Deepa
Maleimide end- capped polyether telechelics as novel toughening agents for unsaturated polyester re Volume27 Issue10 2021
Nair, C. P. Reghunadhan
Subsurface chlorophyll maxima in the North Eastern Arabian sea: Simulation on impact of warming Volume110 2021
Shah, H. Midhun
Cryogenic magnetocaloric effect of cobalt hydroxide nanoparticles embedded in a nonmagnetic polymer Volume 145 2021
Joseph, Navya
Assessment of drought with a real-time web-based application for drought management in humid tropic Volume 192 Issue 11 2021
Abhilash, S
Individual and simultaneous voltammetric sensing of norepinephrine and tyramine based on poly(L-arg Volume 878 2021
Anand, Sanu K
Insights on diet dynamics of Indian mackerel Rastrelliger kanagurta (Cuvier, 1816) Volume 67 Issue 3 Page 152-156 2021
Radhakrishnan, C. K.
Structural, spectral and biological investigations on Cu(II) and Zn(II) complexes derived from NNO JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR STRUCTURE Volume 1206 2021
Jayendran, Manjari
Spectral studies and crystal structures of molybdenum(VI) complexes containing pyridine or picoline TRANSITION METAL CHEMISTRY Volume 46 Issue 3 2021
Kuriakose, Daly
A reversible thermo-responsive 2D Zn(ii) coordination polymer as a potential self-referenced lumine JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C Volume 8 Issue 7 2021
Tom, Lincy
Metaproteomic insights into ammonia oxidising bacterial consortium developed for bioaugmenting nitr BIOLOGIA Volume 75 Issue 10 2021
Jose, Divya
A novel species Spinonema gracilispiculum sp. n. (Nematoda: Desmodoridae) from the oxygen minimum z Volume 4869 Issue 4 2021
Jacob, Jini
Reproductive Biology of the Endemic Fish Etroplus suratensis (Cichlidae) from a Tropical Estuary in JOURNAL OF ICHTHYOLOGY 2021
Roshni, K.
Renjithkumar, C. R.
Kurup, B. M.
Mangrove forests along the coastline of Kerala, southern India: Current status and future prospects REGIONAL STUDIES IN MARINE SCIENCE 2021
Sreelekshmi, S.
Bijeesh Kozhikkodan Veettil
A secure framework for remote diagnosis in health care: A high capacity reversible data hiding tech COMPUTERS & ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING 2021
Govind, P. V. Sabeen
Judy, M., V
Faecal contamination and prevalence of pathogenic E. coli in shellfish growing areas along south-we REGIONAL STUDIES IN MARINE SCIENCE 2021
Antony, Ally C.
Silvester, Reshma
Magneto-optical properties of a magneto-plasmonic nanofluid based on superparamagnetic iron oxide a JOURNAL OF MAGNETISM AND MAGNETIC MATERIALS 2021
Archana, V. N.
Sam, Shan Abraham
Balan, Aravind Puthirath
A Novel Noninvasive Hemoglobin Sensing Device for Anemia Screening IEEE SENSORS JOURNAL 2021
Kumar, R. Dinesh
Guruprasad, S
Kansara, Krity
A magainin-2 like bacteriocin BpSl14 with anticancer action from fish gut Bacillus safensis SDG14 ANALYTICAL BIOCHEMISTRY 2021
Saidumohamed, Bindiya Ellathuparambil
Baburaj, Anitharaj Pottekkat
Johny, Tina Kollannoor
Decomposition-based hybrid wind speed forecasting model using deep bidirectional LSTM networks ENERGY CONVERSION AND MANAGEMENT Volume234 2021
Jaseena, K. U
Kovoor, Binsu C.
Malware visualization and detection using DenseNets PERSONAL AND UBIQUITOUS COMPUTING 2021
Anandhi, V
Vinod, P.
Menon, Varun G.
An Ensemble Approach Based on Multi-Source Information to Predict Drug-MiRNA Associations via Convo IEEE ACCESS Volume 9 2021
Deepthi, K
Jereesh, A. S.
Digital holographic method to study stress formation in photopolymer during live recording of holog OPTICAL ENGINEERING Volume 60 Issue 3 2021
Jith, Abhay
Kumar, Puthenpurakkal Thankappan Ajith
Kumar, Kumaran Rajeev
On the improvement of the electrochemical behaviour of lithium-substituted polypyrrole for applicat IONICS Volume 27 Issue 4 2021
John, Joseph
Manoj, M
Abhilash, A
Jayalekshmi, S
Dual solvent-catalyst role of deep eutectic solvents in Hantzsch dihydropyridine synthesis SYNTHETIC COMMUNICATIONS Volume 51 Issue 11 2021
Shaibuna, M.
Sreekumar, K.
Optical characterization and tunable antibacterial properties of gold nanoparticles with common pro ANALYTICAL BIOCHEMISTRY Volume 612 2021
Simon, Jessy
Udayan, Sony
Bindiya, E. S.
Bhat, Sarita G.
Nampoori, V. P. N.
Kailasnath, M.
Enhanced biomass production and proximate composition of marine microalga Nannochloropsis oceanica ANIMAL FEED SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Volume 271 2021
Kumaran, Jisha
Poulose, Sunitha
Joseph, Valsamma
Singh, Isaac S. Bright
Passive Shallow Water Automated Target Recognition using Deep Convolutional Bi-directional Long Sho DEFENCE SCIENCE JOURNAL Volume71 Issue 1 2021
Kamal, Suraj
Chandran, C. Satheesh
Supriya, H. M.
Poly (L-Cysteine) Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode as a Voltammetric Sensor for the Individual and JOURNAL OF THE ELECTROCHEMICAL SOCIETY Volume 168 Issue 4 2021
(Anand, Sanu K
Mathew, Manna Rachel
Girish Kumar, K
A unified model for egocentric video summarization: an instance-based approach COMPUTERS & ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING 2021
Sreeja, M. U.
Kovoor, Binsu C.
An overview on the treatment of ballast water in ships OCEAN & COASTAL MANAGEMENT Volume 199 2021
Lakshmi, E.
Priya, M.
Achari, V. Sivanandan
A Novel Secure and Robust Encryption Scheme for Medical Images CURRENT MEDICAL IMAGING Volume 17 Issue 1 2021
Chirakkarottu, Siyamol
Mathew, Sheena
Strontuim titanate aided water splitting: An overview of current scenario INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY Volume 46 Issue 2 Page 1879-1903 2021
Joy, Rosmy
Haridas, Suja
Community Structure of Microphytobenthos Associated with Mangrove Ecosystems Along the Southwest Co ESTUARIES AND COASTS Volume 44 Issue 5 Page 1380-1391 2021
Benny, Niya
Thomas, Lathika Cicily
Padmakumar, K. B
Polyaniline nanorod adsorbed on reduced graphene oxide nanosheet for enhanced dielectric, viscoelas POLYMER ENGINEERING AND SCIENCE Volume 61 Issue 6 Page 1755-1772 2021
Kunju, Rahnamol Akkalamattam Maitheen
Gopalakrishnan, Jayalatha
PmLyO-Sf9-WSSV complex' could be a platform for elucidating the mechanism of viral entry, cellular VIROLOGY 2021
Sathyabhama, Anoop Bhaskaran
Puthumana, Jayesh
Kombiyil, Salini
Philip, Rosamma
Singh, Isaac Sarojini Bright
Influence of laser ablated Ag core on the thermo-optic and photocatalytic characteristics of CdS na MATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS Volume 258 2021
Paloly, Abdul Rasheed
Nampoori, V. P. N
Thomas, Sheenu
Spectral tuning of dye doped hollow polymer optical fiber with silver doped micro ring OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS Volume 496 2021
Sarkar, Arindam
Nampoori, V. P. N.
Kailasnath, M
Passive Sonar Target Classification Using Deep Generative beta-VAE IEEE SIGNAL PROCESSING LETTERS Volume 28 2021
Chandran, Satheesh C.
Kamal, Suraj
Kernel estimation of entropy function under length-biased sampling COMMUNICATIONS IN STATISTICS-THEORY AND METHODS 2021
Rajesh, G
Sunoj, S. M
Rajesh, Richu
A Simple and Efficient Turn-Off Fluorescence Sensor for the Nanomolar Detection of Homovanillic Aci CHEMISTRYSELECT 2021
Ravindran, Devika Sudha
Mukundan, Swathi
Kumar, Krishnapillai Girish
The impact of ZnO nanoparticle size on the performance of photoanodes in DSSC and QDSSC: a comparat JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE-MATERIALS IN ELECTRONICS 2021
Ramya, M.
Nideep, T. K.
Influence of upwelling on the chaetognath community along the Southeastern Arabian Sea WETLANDS ECOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT 2021
Purushothaman, Aishwarya
Thomas, Lathika Cicily
Substituent effects in the formation of a few acenaphthenone-2-ylidene ketones and their molecular JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR STRUCTURE Volume 1224 2021
Kuriakose, Daly
Thumpakara, Roshini K.
EEG based direct speech BCI system using a fusion of SMRT and MFCC/ LPCC features with ANN classifi BIOMEDICAL SIGNAL PROCESSING AND CONTROL Volume 68 2021
Mini, P. P.
Thomas, Tessamma
Prediction of the load and deflection response of concrete deep beams reinforced with FRP bars MECHANICS OF ADVANCED MATERIALS AND STRUCTURES 2021
Thomas, Job
Ramadass, S.
Selective Fluorescent Sensing of Adenine Via the Emissive Enhancement of a Simple Cobalt Porphyrin JOURNAL OF FLUORESCENCE 2021
Francis, Shijo
Rajith, Leena
An ontology-based hybrid e-learning content recommender system for alleviating the cold-start probl EDUCATION AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES 2021
Jeevamol, Joy
Plasmon enhanced linear and nonlinear optical properties of natural curcumin dye with silver nanopa DYES AND PIGMENTS Volume 189 2021
Fathima, R.
Influence of subtropical circulation systems on the changing El Nino-Indian summer monsoon relation ATMOSPHERIC RESEARCH Volume 252 2021
Wilson, Shinu Sheela
Channelling employability perceptions through lifelong learning: an empirical investigation EDUCATION AND TRAINING Volume 63 Issue 5 2021
Nimmi, P. M
Tannic Acid Capped Copper Nanoclusters as a Cost-Effective Fluorescence Probe for Hemoglobin Determ ANALYTICAL SCIENCES Volume 37 Issue 4 2021
Sam, Sonia
Short term spatio-temporal variabilities of microphytobenthic assemblages in the mangrove ecosystem WETLANDS ECOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT 2021
Jeslin, I. J.
Synergistic effects of CdS QDs-Neutral red dye hybrid system on its nonlinear optical properties Volume 142 2021
Kuriakose, Alina C.
Defect level dependent visible emission of nickel oxide nanoparticles through controlled calcinatio OPTIK Volume 231 2021
Kumar, V. Pradeep
First report on an unusual bloom of the potentially toxic epibenthic dinoflagellate Prorocentrum rh REGIONAL STUDIES IN MARINE SCIENCE Volume 41 2021
Thomas, Lathika Cicily
Molecular and Functional Characterization of an Anti-lipopolysaccharide Factor Mm-ALF from Speckled PROBIOTICS AND ANTIMICROBIAL PROTEINS 2021
Archana, K.
Nonlinear optical investigations of laser generated gold, silver and gold-silver alloy nanoparticle JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS Volume 858 2021
Fathima, R.
beta-Defensins from common goby (Pomatoschistusmicrops) and silver trevally (Pseudocaranxgeorgianus MOLECULAR BIOLOGY REPORTS Volume 48 Issue 5 2021
Lenin, K. L. Dhanya
Role of bio-nanotemplates on the lasing behavior of LDS 821 dye OPTICS AND LASER TECHNOLOGY Volume 139 2021
Udayan, Sony
An effective meta-heuristic based multi-objective hybrid optimization method for workflow schedulin CLUSTER COMPUTING-THE JOURNAL OF NETWORKS SOFTWARE TOOLS AND APPLICATIONS 2021
Kakkottakath Valappil Thekkepuryil, Jabir
Temporal network embedding using graph attention network COMPLEX & INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS 2021
Mohan, Anuraj
Evaluation of global reanalysis winds and high-resolution regional model outputs with the 205 MHz s Volume 147 Issue 737 Page 2562-2579 2021
Sivan, C.
Wavelet feature selection of audio and imagined/vocalized EEG signals for ANN based multimodal ASR Volume 63 2021
Mini, P. P.
Influence of High Latitude Sudden Stratospheric Warming on Tropical Weather: Observations From a 20 Volume8 Issue4 2021
Remya, R
Application of Phi SP-1 and Phi SP-3 as a therapeutic strategy against Salmonella Enteritidis infec Volume356 Issue1 2021
Augustine, Jeena
Enhanced random lasing from a colloidal CdSe quantum dot-Rh6G system Volume12 Issue2 2021
Augustine, Anju K.
Palladium(II) supported on polycarbosilane: Application as reusable catalyst for Heck reaction Volume407 Page87-92 2021
Mangala, Kunniyur
Analysis and experiment of stair-shaped waveguide-fed dielectric resonator antenna Volume10 Issue4 Page453-458 2021
Muhammed, Jasmine P.
Solvent effect on the femtosecond laser induced two-photon emission from Rhodamine 6G Volume333 Page26-32 2021
Pathrose, Bini P.
Genotyping and distribution of virulence factors in V. parahaemolyticus from seafood and environmen Volume12 Page64-72 2021
Silvester, Reshma
Molecular cloning and characterization of a halotolerant alpha-amylase from marine metagenomic libr Volume7 2021
Nair, Harisree P.
Thermo-optic tuning of whispering gallery mode lasing from a dye-doped hollow polymer optical fiber Volume42 Issue15 Page2926-2929 2021
Anand, V. R.
Reassessing the species status of Pseudodiaptomus malayalus Wellershaus, 1969 and P. binghami Sewel Volume29 Issue6 Page885-896 2021
Santu, K. S.
Low temperature fabrication of CuxO thin-film transistors and investigation on the origin of low fi Volume123 Issue16 2021
Shijeesh, M. R.
Water quality status of Cochin estuary, India Volume47 Issue5 Page978-989 2021
Thasneem, T. A
Development and characterization of camphor sulphonic acid doped polyaniline film with broadband ne Volume5 Issue5 2021
Sreekala, P. S.
Stretching the sensitivity and stability of an acrylamide based photopolymer material with mixture Volume104 Page183-189 2021
Rajesh, C. S.
Interaction of tetracycline with L-cysteine functionalized CdS quantum dots - Fundamentals and sens Volume213 Page410-415 2021
Anand, Sanu K.
Effect of dopant on the properties of polyaniline/carbon nanofiber composites Volume76 Issue10 Page5253-5267 2021
Anju, V. P.
SWIPT in multi-hop amplify-and-forward wireless sensor networks Volume107 Issue4 Page630-643 2021
Lakshmi, Sethu P.
Multi- arm dendronized polymer as a unimolecular micelle: Synthesis, characterization and applicati Volume 160 2021
Hiba, K.
Sentiment analysis of malayalam tweets using machine learning techniques Volume6 Issue4 Page300-305 2021
Soumya, S.
Bandpass filter based on asymmetric funnel shaped resonators with ultra wide upper stopband charact Volume116 2021
Iqubal, Ami
Morphology evolution towards ultra-stable mixed tin-lead perovskite via compositional engineering SOLID STATE SCIENCES Volume: 115 2021
Vijila, C. V. Mary
Kumar, K. Rajeev
Evolution of Safety and Security Risk Assessment methodologies towards the use of Bayesian Networks PROCESS SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Volume: 149 2021
George, Priscilla Grace
Renjith, V. R.
Simultaneous Electrochemical Determination of L-Dopa and Melatonin at Reduced Graphene Oxide-Cu0.5C JOURNAL OF THE ELECTROCHEMICAL SOCIETY Volume: 168 Issue: 5 2021
Madhavan, Arya S.
Kunjappan, Lineesh M.
Geochemical distribution and dynamics of sedimentary phosphorous fractions in Vembanad wetland ecos Volume: 44 2021
Gayathri, O. S.
Habitat ecology and substratum preference of brachyuran crabs of a tropical estuary, South-West coa Volume: 44 2021
Devi, Prabhullachandran Lakshmi
Lignocellulosic materials as reinforcement and replacement for binders in masonry mortar CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS Volume: 282 2021
Lekshmi, M. S.
Vishnudas, Subha
Anil, K. R.
Spike-dependent plasticity modulation in TiO2-based synaptic device JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE-MATERIALS IN ELECTRONICS Volume: 32 Issue: 10 Pages: 13051-13061 2021
Subin, P. S.
Asha, A. S.
Saji, K. J.
Jayaraj, M. K.
Natural language inference for Malayalam language using language agnostic sentence representation Article Number: e508 2021
Renjit, Sara
Synthesis and Characterization of a Novel Heterocyclic Schiff Base and Development of a Fluorescent Volume: 31 Issue: 4 Pages: 1113-1123 2021
Pradeep, Savitha Devaswamparambil
Report of Mauve Stinger Pelagia cf. noctiluca (Cnidaria: Scyphozoa) Bloom from Northeastern Arabian THALASSAS 2021
Hari Praved, P.
Suhaana, M. Nazar
Jima, M.
Alcohol ethoxysulfates (AES) in environmental matrices MAY 2021 2021
Sasi, Subha
Diversities in the chelation of aroylhydrazones towards cobalt(II) salts: Synthesis, spectral chara Volume: 1232 Article Number: 129978 2021
Mangalam, Neema Ani
SemRec-An efficient ensemble recommender with sentiment based clustering for social media text corp CONCURRENCY AND COMPUTATION-PRACTICE & EXPERIENCE 2021
Renjith, Shini
Sreekumar, A
Jathavedan, M
Cumulative residual entropy of equilibrium distribution of order n MAY 2021 2021
Nair, N. Unnikrishnan
Real Time PCR detection of Macrobrachium rosenbergii (de Man, 1879) larvae with emphasis to their e Volume: 34 Article Number: 12 2021
Harikrishnan, Mahadevan
Feasibility study on treatment of coconut industry wastewater and bioenergy production using microb INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 2021
Sreedharan, S.
beta-Defensin from the Asian Sea Bass, Lates calcarifer: Molecular Prediction and Phylogenetic Anal PROBIOTICS AND ANTIMICROBIAL PROTEINS 2021
Raveendran, Athira
Lenin, K. L. Dhanya
M.V., Anju
Vasotocin stimulates maturation-inducing hormone, oocyte maturation and ovulation in the catfish He Volume: 167 Pages: 51-60 2021
Singh, Varsha
Malware detection employed by visualization and deep neural network Volume: 105 2021
Pinhero, Anson
Immortalization of shrimp lymphoid cells by hybridizing with the continuous cell line Sf9 leading t Volume: 113 Pages: 196-207 2021
Anoop, B. S.
An aggregated deep convolutional recurrent model for event based surveillance video summarisation: IET COMPUTER VISION Volume: 15 Issue: 4 Pages: 297-311 2021
Sreeja, M. U
Kovoor, Binsu C.
Low temperature structure tunability of zinc oxide nanostructures using milk protein casein SURFACES AND INTERFACES Volume: 24 2021
(Joseph, Manju
Nampoori, V. P. N.
Kailasnath, M
Studies on the efficacy of alkaline and acidic etching in aluminium induced texturing of glass for Volume: 24 2021
Soman, Anishkumar
On the mean time to failure of an age-replacement model in discrete time Volume: 50 Issue: 11 Pages: 2569-2585 2021
Sudheesh, K. K.
Studying the role of ZnO nanostructure photoanodes for improving the photovoltaic performance of Cd JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE-MATERIALS IN ELECTRONICS 2021
Ramya, M.
Nideep, T. K.
Nampoori, V. P. N
(Kailasnath, M.
Cellulosic bionanocomposites based on acrylonitrile butadiene rubber and Cuscuta reflexa: adjusting JUNE 2021 2021
Dominic, Midhun
Diurnal variation of deep convective clouds over Indian monsoon region and its association with rai Volume: 255 2021
Kottayil, Ajil
Preparation of chemically functionalized and self compatibilized short coir fiber - high density po Article Number: e51254 2021
Babu, S. Archana
A study on the physical properties of low melting mixtures and their use as catalysts/solvent in th JUNE 2021 2021
Theresa, Letcy Vincent
Novel dioxidomolybdenum complexes containing ONO chelators: Synthesis, physicochemical properties, Article Number: e6334 2021
Vineetha, M. C
Recursive and non-recursive kernel estimation of negative cumulative residual extropy under alpha-m JUNE 2021 2021
Maya, R.
Role of bio-nanotemplates on the lasing behavior of LDS 821 dye Volume: 139 2021
Udayan, Sony
A critical study on different hydrogen plasma treatment methods of a-Si: H/c-Si interface for enhan Volume: 553 2021
Soman, Anishkumar
Copper loaded HPfCNT/TiO2 ternary nanohybrids as green and robust catalysts for dehydrogenation of MATERIALS SCIENCE IN SEMICONDUCTOR PROCESSING Volume: 129 2021
Joseph, Honey Mary
Sugunan, S.
Sillenite phase stabilized ferromagnetic ordering in multiphasic magnetoelectric bismuth ferrite Volume: 299 2021
Sivaraj, K. S.
Occupational electrical accidents: Assessing the role of personal and safety climate factors Volume: 139 2021
Baby, Tiju
Radiopacity endowed magnetic nanocomposite with hyperthermia and in vitro mineralization potential: BIOMEDICAL MATERIALS Volume: 16 Issue: 4 2021
Sneha, K. R
Sreeja, S
Sailaja, G. S.
On the feasibility of truncated Israel-Stewart model in the context of late acceleration Volume: 38 Issue: 14 2021
Jerin Mohan, N. D
Concentration dependent thermo-optical properties and nonlinear optical switching behavior of bimet OPTICS AND LASER TECHNOLOGY 2021
Simon, Jessy
Nampoori, V. P. N.
Kailasnath, M.
Passive sonar automated target classifier for shallow waters using end-to-end learnable deep convol ENGINEERING SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL 2021
Kamal, Suraj
Chandran, Satheesh C.
Supriya, M. H.
Nickel(II) complexes of N(4)-substituted thiosemicarbazones derived from pyridine-2-carbaldehyde: C Volume: 1237 2021
Rapheal, P. F.
Micro-cellular polymer foam supported silica aerogel: Eco-friendly tool for petroleum oil spill cle Volume: 415 2021
Renjith, P. K.
Magnetization reversal in shape asymmetric permalloy nanocaps JOURNAL OF MAGNETISM AND MAGNETIC MATERIALS Volume: 532 2021
Mary, Anija
Rajan, Rajesh Kumar
Thomas, Senoy
ATR-FTIR and LC-Q-ToF-MS analysis of indoor dust from different micro-environments located in a tro SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT Volume: 783 2021
Sreejith, M. Vishnu
Aradhana, K. S.
Varsha, M
Silver nanoparticle assisted enhanced WGM lasing by silica microresonator OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS Volume: 494 2021
Sarkar, Arindam
Venkataraj, Roopa
Carbon source characterisation and historical carbon burial in three mangrove ecosystems on the Sou CATENA Volume: 197 2021
Rani, V
Nandan, S. Bijoy
Schwing, Patrick T
Effect of partial replacement of bentonite with biochar in liner soils BIOMASS CONVERSION AND BIOREFINERY 2021
Veena, V.
Cyrus, Sobha
Abraham, Benny Mathews
Hierarchically Porous Osteoinductive Poly(hydroxyethyl methacrylate-co-methyl methacrylate) Scaffol ACS BIOMATERIALS SCIENCE & ENGINEERING Volume: 7 Issue: 2 2021
Sreeja, S.
Improved empirical model for the strut efficiency factor and the stiffness degradation coefficient STRUCTURES Volume: 29 2021
Thomas, Job
Ramadass, S.
Characteristic mode analysis of harmonic suppressed stepped impedance strip dipole antenna INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RF AND MICROWAVE COMPUTER-AIDED ENGINEERING Volume: 31 Issue: 4 2021
Mani, Manoj
Ultra-high Seebeck coefficient of nanostructured Sb-substituted PbTe and fabrication of a thermoele BULLETIN OF MATERIALS SCIENCE Volume: 44 Issue: 1 2021
Sreeram, P. R
Optimum sizing of hydrokinetic turbine integrated photovoltaic-battery system incorporating uncerta INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GREEN ENERGY Volume: 18 Issue: 6 2021
John, Bony
MFAP9: Characterization of an extracellular thermostable antibacterial peptide from marine fungus w JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL AND BIOMEDICAL ANALYSIS Volume: 194 2021
Raghavan, Rekha Mol Kollakalnaduvil
Fuzzy-based multiparty privacy management in social media using modified elliptic curve cryptograph SOFT COMPUTING Volume: 25 Issue: 8 2021
Jayaprabha, P.
Jacob, K. Paulose
Mathew, K. Preetha
Molecular and Functional Characterization of an Anti-lipopolysaccharide Factor Mm-ALF from Speckled PROBIOTICS AND ANTIMICROBIAL PROTEINS 2021
Archana, K.
Effective biomass harvesting of marine diatom Chaetoceros muelleri by chitosan-induced flocculation JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYCOLOGY Volume 33 Issue 3 2021
Kumaran, Jisha
Singh, I. S. Bright
Joseph, Valsamma
A molecular chameleon: Fluorometric to Pb2+, fluorescent ratiometric to Hg2+ and colorimetric to Ag A molecular chameleon: Fluorometric to Pb2+, fluorescent ratiometric to Hg2+ and colorimetric to Ag 2021
Chandrasekaran, Parvathy O.
Copolymerization of nadic anhydride with styrene: Reactivity ratios POLYMERS FOR ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES Volume: 32 Issue: 4 2021
Jeemol, Poovathungal Abdulrahman
Selective detection of hydrogen sulphide from the background of low concentration reducing gases MATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS Volume: 260 2021
Priya, M. J.
Decentralized blockchain based authentication for secure data sharing in Cloud-IoT DeBlock-Sec JOURNAL OF AMBIENT INTELLIGENCE AND HUMANIZED COMPUTING 2021
Narayanan, Uma
Paul, Varghese
Joseph, Shelbi
Introducing strut efficiency factor in the softened strut and tie model for the ultimate shear stre EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL AND CIVIL ENGINEERING 2021
Thomas, Job
Testing for measurement error in regression with autoregressive innovations COMMUNICATIONS IN STATISTICS-SIMULATION AND COMPUTATION 2021
Pokhriyal, Himanshu
Nonparametric estimation of quantile-based entropy function COMMUNICATIONS IN STATISTICS-SIMULATION AND COMPUTATION 2021
Subhash, Silpa
Effects of zinc and mercury on ROS-mediated oxidative stress-induced physiological impairments and ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH 2021
Ajitha, Vayampully
Report on the association of valviferan isopod Synidotea variegata Collinge 1917 and regular sea ur SYMBIOSIS 2021
Yesudas, Aneena
Traffic aware routing in 3D NoC using interleaved asymmetric edge routers NANO COMMUNICATION NETWORKS Volume: 27 2021
Kunthara, Rose George
Cloning and characterization of estrogen hydroxylase (cyp1a1 and cyp1b1) genes in the stinging catf COMPARATIVE BIOCHEMISTRY AND PHYSIOLOGY A-MOLECULAR & INTEGRATIVE PHYSIOLOGY Volume: 253 2021
Chaube, R.
The effect of solvents on the growth and key properties of tin oxide thin films deposited via chemi MATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS Volume: 261 2021
Paloly, Abdul Rasheed
Bushiri, M. Junaid)
Abnormal Crowd Behaviour Detection Using Parallel Deep Neural Networks OURNAL OF INFORMATION SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING Volume: 37 Issue: 2 2021
Anees, Muhammed, V
Bayesian estimation and consequence modelling of deliberately induced domino effects in process fac JOURNAL OF LOSS PREVENTION IN THE PROCESS INDUSTRIES Volume: 69 2021
George, Priscilla Grace
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