University Officers

Director, Internal Quality Assurance Cell

Prof. Dr. Sam Thomas
0484-2862748(O), 9846152127 (M)

Director, Academic Admissions

Dr.James Varghese
0484-2577159, 2577688 (O),

Director, International Relations

Dr. Hareesh N Ramanathan
0484 2862255,2577456(Fax)

Public Relations Officer

Smt. Vandana Mohandas

Planning & Development Officer

Smt. Sabitha P.
0484-2576419 (O)(O), 9846709945(M)

Joint Registrar

Smt. Sobha S (Administration )

Joint Registrar

Smt. Vinitha Murali (Finance)
0484-2862235(O), 9895022949(M)

Joint Registrar

Sri. Ramesh Kumar M.N. (Academic)
0484-2575182(O), 9744097460 (M)

Deputy Registrar

Sri. Aneurin Salim A L (Directorate of Admissions)
0484-2862290(O), 9447001508(M)

Deputy Registrar

Sri. Sudhish P M ( Examinations I)
0484 - 2862815(O), 9447622702(M)

Deputy Registrar

Smt. Honey M A ( Examinations II)
0484-2862804 (O),

Deputy Registrar

Sri. Harilal (Academic)
0484-2862217(O), 9446140151 (M)

Deputy Registrar

Smt. Zaida K.M (UGC(S) Cell for SC/ST))

Deputy Registrar

Sri. Handly George (Examinations)
0484–2575213 (O),

Deputy Registrar

Smt. Merry Mol A J (Registrar Office)
0484-2862272 (O),

Deputy Registrar

Smt. Suja Solomon (Administration )
0484-2862205 (O),

Assistant Registrar

Smt. Rejina Nair S (Administrative Office CUCEK)

Assistant Registrar

Sri. Manojkumar C (Finance)


P S to Vice-Chancellor

Smt. Jayalakshmi K. (Joint Registrar)
0484-2576370 (O), 9447838418(M)

P A to Vice-Chancellor

Sri. Babu S. (Joint Registrar)
0484-2577619(O), 9446360839(M)

P A to Vice-Chancellor

Smt. Smitha C T (Pool Officer)
+91 484 2577619(O), +91 9539818320(M)

P A to Registrar

Sri. Muhammed Salim T.B. (Deputy Registrar)
0484-2862272(O), 9446206335(M)

P A to Finance Officer

Smt. Vinitha Rani C S (Pool Officer)
04842862230(O), 9947288775(M)

P A to Controller of Examinations

Sri. Arumughadas K (Deputy Registrar)
04842862787(O), 9388910676(M)

Other officers

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