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Sl.No. Section / Wing Public Information Officer Appellate Authority
Officer Phone Email Officer Phone Email



1 Finance Wing The Finance Officer
0484-2576098 pio.fo@cusat.ac.in The Registrar
0484-2575396 aa.reg.fw@cusat.ac.in
2 Examination Wing The Controller of Examinations
0484-2577109 pio.ce@cusat.ac.in
3 Unit for International Relations & Academic Admissions (IRAA Unit) The Director, IRAA Unit
0484-2577688 pio.iraa@cusat.ac.in
4 Directorate of Public Relations & Publications (including public interest matters and suo-motu disclosures) The Director, Public Relations & Publications
0484-2577550 pio.dpr@cusat.ac.in
5 Planning Wing The Planning & Development Officer
0484-2576419 pio.pdo@cusat.ac.in
6 Academic Wing Joint Registrar (Academic)
0484-2575458 pio.jr.ac@cusat.ac.in
7 Administration Wing – I Deputy Registrar (Admn.I)
0484-2575181 pio.dr.adm1@cusat.ac.in
8 Administration Wing – II (including matters relating to Recruitment Section and Legal Affairs Section) Deputy Registrar (Admn.II)
0484-2575181 pio.dr.adm2@cusat.ac.in
9 Administration Wing – III Deputy Registrar (Admn.III)
0484-2575181 pio.dr.adm3@cusat.ac.in
10 UGC (S) Cell for SC/ST Deputy Registrar (UGC (S) Cell for SC/ST)
0484-2576107 pio.dr.ugcs@cusat.ac.in
II. Teaching Departments / Schools / Colleges / Centres Persons in charge of the Office
(Seniormost Assistant / Section Officer / Assistant Registrar / Deputy Registrar / Joint Registrar, as the case may be)
The Head / Director / Principal of the Departments / Schools / Colleges / Centres concerned
1 Department of Computer Applications Persons in charge of the Office
(Seniormost Assistant / Section Officer / Assistant Registrar / Deputy Registrar / Joint Registrar, as the case may be)
pio.dca@cusat.ac.in The Head / Director / Principal of the Departments / Schools / Colleges / Centres concerned aa.dca@cusat.ac.in
2 Department of Computer Science pio.dcs@cusat.ac.in aa.dcs@cusat.ac.in
3 Department of Electronics pio.doe@cusat.ac.in aa.doe@cusat.ac.in
4 Department of Instrumentation pio.din@cusat.ac.in aa.din@cusat.ac.in
5 International School of Photonics pio.isp@cusat.ac.in
6 Department of Polymer Science and Rubber Technology pio.psrt@cusat.ac.inaa.psrt@cusat.ac.in
7 Department of Ship Technology pio.ship@cusat.ac.inaa.ship@cusat.ac.in
8 School of Environmental Studies pio.ses@cusat.ac.inaa.ses@cusat.ac.in
9 Department of English and Foreign Languages pio.defl@cusat.ac.inaa.defl@cusat.ac.in
10 Department of Hindi pio.hindi@cusat.ac.inaa.hindi@cusat.ac.in
11 School of Legal Studies pio.sls@cusat.ac.inaa.sls@cusat.ac.in
12 Department of Atmospheric Sciences pio.das@cusat.ac.inaa.das@cusat.ac.in
13 Department of Chemical Oceanography pio.cod@cusat.ac.inaa.cod@cusat.ac.in
14 Department of Physical Oceanography pio.dpo@cusat.ac.inaa.dpo@cusat.ac.in
15 Department of Marine Biology, Microbiology and Biochemistry pio.marinebio@cusat.ac.inaa.marinebio@cusat.ac.in
16 Department of Marine Geology and Geophysics pio.marinegeo@cusat.ac.inaa.marinegeo@cusat.ac.in
17 School of Industrial Fisheries pio.indfish@cusat.ac.inaa.indfish@cusat.ac.in
18 Department of Applied Chemistry pio.chem@cusat.ac.inaa.chem@cusat.ac.i
19 Department of Biotechnology pio.biotech@cusat.ac.inaa.biotech@cusat.ac.in
20 Department of Mathematics pio.maths@cusat.ac.inaa.maths@cusat.ac.in
21 Department of Physics pio.physics@cusat.ac.inaa.physics@cusat.ac.in
22 Department of Statistics pio.stats@cusat.ac.inaa.stats@cusat.ac.in
23 Department of Applied Economics pio.dae@cusat.ac.inaa.dae@cusat.ac.in
24 School of Management Studies pio.sms@cusat.ac.inaa.sms@cusat.ac.in
III. Non-Teaching Departments
1. University Library Section Officer
University Library
0484-2575715 pio.library@cusat.ac.in The University Librarian in-Charge
0484-2575092 aa.library@cusat.ac.in
2. Engineering Department Section – I Section Officer (H.G.)
Engineering Department
0484-2575319 pio.engg.@cusat.ac.in The University Engineer in-Charge 0484-2862138 aa.engg.@cusat.ac.in
3. Engineering Department Section – II Section Officer
Engineering Department
Note:  The time limit prescribed for disposal of each service is subject to the condition that the application / request is complete in all respects and the applicant has satisfactorily completed all the requirements as on the date of his/her application.

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