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How did the earth originate? How the oceans are formed? Was it due to a large collision or due to some other causes? Has the moon originated from the earth? How does the ocean bottom look like? Why are there some islands in the middle of the ocean? How and why do earthquakes occur? How do tsunamis form? Does the sea level change or was it the same for a long long time? What is the role of the ocean on human survival?
Marine Geologists and Marine Geophysicists attempt to answer these questions and worse - they bring up more questions .

CUSAT was the first University in the Country to start a full-fledged post graduate programme in Marine Geology in the year 1976, taking into account the global advancement in general and national needs in particular in the field of Marine Geosciences. A three year M.Sc.(Tech) programme in Marine Geophysics was subsequently introduced in 1992 as a logical extension within the frame work of a UGC funding of 1.27 crores to the existing Marine Geology programme, which has now been restructured into a 2-year M.Sc programme in Marine Geophysics. Both the programmes are complementory in nature and have been designed to aim at the development of manpower in the field of applied geology and geophysics with a special emphasis on off shore areas with a view to cater the needs of various research institutions and survey organizations as well as private companies engaged in oil and mineral exploration, sea bed surveys, remote sensing and groundwater prospecting. Eight members of the faculty have had opportunities for research / training in overseas institutions through the award of ACU, DAAD, Commonwealth Accademic Staff Fellowships and the IOI Scholarships besides the Cultural Exchange Programme of UGC and the ILT Programmes of DST, Govt of India etc.

Of late, the department has decided to start 5 year integrated post graduate course in Earth Sciences from 2016-2017 academic year.

Department of Marine Geology and Geophysics

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